How to set a manual excerpt in the WordPress editor

How to set a manual excerpt in the WordPress editor

Let’s start off by explaining what actually is an excerpt in WordPress. Things are pretty simple, a WordPress excerpt is basically a post summary of a longer article that is used as a substitute on the blog index and archives pages to not display the full content.

You will never want to show the full content of your posts on the home page, archives, and blog page. Leaving your site looking like a wall of text is just going to make it slower, and you will probably encounter problems with some search engines because you will have duplicate content on your site.

If you are going to use excerpts, your page is going to load much faster because remember, you are displaying just a small portion of the article by doing this.

Generating WordPress excerpts

There are two ways to generate excerpts in WordPress

  • Manually: you will be able to manually edit the text you are going to use for each post’s excerpt.
  • Automatically: WordPress generates excerpts, by default, by choosing the first 50 words of each post.

Enabling the manual excerpts in the WordPress editor

In order to enable the manual excerpts in your WordPress editor you just have to create a new post simply by going to your dashboard and clicking on Posts then Add New.

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After the new window is opened just go to the top right corner and find the settings button which should be next to the blue publish button and look in the post section for the excerpt.

In this box you can enter your own manual excerpt. By doing so, your post content will not be affected, only the excerpt generated by the theme you are using.

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