How To Remove The Tagline In WordPress


A WordPress tagline is nothing but a short description of your website, defining your site’s identity.

For sure you have seen the tagline “Just Another WordPress Site” in the header or in the title bar. That can be changed to suit your website’s needs.

Usually, a tagline can improve or break your entire website, so it is a very important option to know about.

Taglines – What Are They?

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Taglines can help businesses create a distinctive identity, being an important marketing tool.

According to Forbes magazine, a good tagline will help you set apart from other companies that provide similar products.

WordPress uses “Just Another WordPress Site” by default for a tagline. I can’t say that all themes will have it but most of them do.

Why Should I Remove It?

Usually, when you download a free theme and install it, the default settings will apply. So, the tagline “Just Another WordPress Site” will make its appearance. We have to change that because it makes our website look very unprofessional.

Whenever a visitor will come across your site, he will be confused because he will not know what your business is all about. This is an important reason to change your website’s tagline.

How Do I Actually Remove The Tagline?

Method Number 1: Dashboard Settings

It is one of the simplest methods to change your website’s tagline, and your problem will be resolved in no time.

We are starting from here:

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Let’s start by going to your WordPress Dashboard > Settings > General.

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Once you are here, you can decide to either delete the whole tagline or write a new one. After you’ve done that, head down to the page and click on Save Changes.

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Now, after we saved the changes, the tagline should be removed (in our case).

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Method Number 2: Customizer

Go to Appearance > Customize.

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Go to the Site Identity option.

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Here you are going to find once again the option for the tagline. You can delete it, edit it, or write an entire new tagline. Don’t forget to click on Publish when you are done.

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Now, let’s see how our new tagline looks like:

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Method Number 3: Additional CSS

If somehow the two methods I showed you above do not work and you still can’t delete your tagline, we have a third option that can be tried. These cases are extremely rare but it’s important to know all the possible ways to solve this problem.

Go to Appearance > Customize. Then click on Additional CSS.

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Here, you can choose to write from two different snippets of code:


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After you paste either of the two codes above, hit the blue Publish button, and you are done.

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