How to create reusable blocks in WordPress

Creating reusable blocks

In the WordPress editor, a reusable block is actually a block of content that is saved independently in order to be used later.

The point when using these kind of blocks is to not copy and paste the same content snippet over and over again. Instead of doing this now you can simply save the block and add to any post you want or need.

In case you are wondering how useful these reusable block actually are, let me give you a couple of examples:

  • call-to-action buttons
  • feedback forms
  • social media follow buttons
  • forms
  • tables
  • banners

Ofcourse these are way more ways to use reusable blocks but the ones above just seemed the most meaningful.

With this being said, let me show you how you can create reusable blocks in your WordPress editor.

Firstly, select the block you are planning to reuse then click the button with three dots from the toolbar, choose from there add to reusable blocks.

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All that is left to do now is to give it a name and then click Save and Publish. Now the block is saved in the WordPress database with all its settings.

How do i use my reusable blocks?

To continue, I am going to show you how you are going to use your newly created reusable block.

Start by creating or editing a post or page to have where to add the reusable block. In the editor add a new block .

Your reusable blocks can be found simply by using the search bar that pops up when you clicked the “+” button to choose what type of block you are going to use. You can also find them under the Reusable tab.

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