How To Change The Author Of A Post In WordPress


Are you trying to find out how you can change the author of a post in WordPress? No worries, I am here to help you solve this little problem.

There will be times when you will need to change a post to a different author than the one who first wrote and uploaded it.

So, I will show you how you can easily change all this.

Roles In WordPress

Let me start by explaining for a bit what are the roles in WordPress. It’s crucial to know exactly what kind of access you give your staff because you will ensure an easily manageable and organized site.

In WordPress, there are just three main roles: admin, editor, and author. The admin has the most power, whereas the author has the least powerful role. An editor has the same rights as the author, with the only difference being that he can also manage other authors and publish posts written by others.

Types Of Roles

  • Subscriber: it is the most basic role. He can only view posts on your website. When you offer subscription-only content, this role becomes more useful, because it allows him to have access to specific content that a normal reader wouldn’t.
  • Contributor: he can create and edit posts. He can’t delete or publish posts.
  • Author: he can create, edit, delete or publish his own posts.
  • Editor: he can create, edit, delete or publish and post from the website. He can also edit links and have access to comments.
  • Admin: he can adjust the entire website however he wants or likes. This role is usually assigned to the owner.
  • Super admin: this role is given to users who manage a network on websites from the same WordPress Dashboard.

So, as you can easily notice, it is very important to assign the right role to the right person.

First Things First

Before I show you how you can change the author of a post in WordPress, go to your Dashboard and click on Users > All Users so you can view and manage the list with all the users from your WordPress website.

How Do I Change The Author In WordPress?

Go to your WordPress Dashboard and click on Users > All Users.

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Once you are here, click on the Edit option of the name you want the change the role.

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In the edit screen, you are going to scroll down until you find a drop menu called “Role”. Here, you will see a list of available user roles. Select the one you want and click on Update User.

How to change the author in WordPress 1
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How to change the author in WordPress 2
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Now, if you go back to the All Users you should be able to see the change you just made.

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