How to add column content in WordPress without plugins


WordPress helps you to create content in a multitude of ways and will come to your aid to get creative on the way you display your content.

Also, you can use columns to create a more appealing layout and make it easier for your visitors to go through your posts and pages.

A multi-column layout is very useful for accentuating content and will give your visitors an effective reading experience.

How to add columns in WordPress block editor

The WordPress block editor has a built-in columns block. By adding this kind of block, you will be able to add multiple columns to your posts or pages.

Go to your WordPress Dashboard, and add or edit the post or page you want to add the columns.

Here, you are going to add a new block by clicking on the “+” button. In the search field write “column” and once you find the “Columns” block click on it.

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Once you click on the “Columns” block, six different variations will open up.

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Choose whatever variation suits you best by clicking on it.

I want to give an example, so I am going to choose the 50/50 column which means I am going to have two columns. Now, our block will look something like this:

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Click on the first “+” button, one you do that, a window will pop-up where you are going to choose which kind of block you want to introduce there. It’s important to know that you can add any kind of content here, it is just like adding content to a regular block.

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You can click on each block’s settings to make it look like you want it.

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You can also change a few settings of your columns from the right hand menu. Click on “Block” and you are going to see there that you can change the color of text, the color of the background and also you can add or remove the number of columns from your block.

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This is how you can add columns In WordPress without using a plugin, it’s that easy!

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