How to add Call-to-Action buttons in WordPress without a plugin

How to add a call-to-action button

Having an appropriate call-to-action button can instantly increase your conversion rates. Join us, subscribe, Get started, buy now, add to cart, these are just a few examples of call-to-action buttons. Whether you are shopping online, reading an article, or listening to music it’s almost impossible not to see at least one.

To make it as simple as possible, a call-to action button will just lead your visitors to do something specific. They can be placed anywhere you want on your site with the sole purpose of steering your visitors through the conversion funnel. Here is an example from our site:

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Luckily, adding call-to action buttons in WordPress is pretty easy since WordPress actually has a default option to add them to your posts or pages.

The call-to-action button supplies prospects with clear information on what will happen if they click through.

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Adding a call-to-action button

Now, let’s jump to business, and let me show you how you can add a call-to-action button in WordPress.

The new WordPress editor has a built-in “button” block. This “button” block allows you to place call-to action buttons throughout your post or page.

Add or edit a post or a page where you want the call-to-action button to be.

Click on the “+” button and write in the search field “buttons”, select it and press enter.

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Now, you are going to add the text on the button.

If you want to add more buttons, you can do that by pressing the “+” next to the button.

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The link can be inserted by clicking the link icon from the button toolbar.

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You also can change styles (filled or outlined), background color, color of the text, border radius, width settings, and typography. You can do all this by clicking on the block options from the right-hand side.

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This is how you can add a simple call-to-action button in WordPress.

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