How To Add A Simple Download Link In WordPress

Adding a download link in WordPress

If you are looking to find a way to add a download link for your PDFs and other files, then you came to the right place. There are actually various ways to add a link to a WordPress post. I am going to show you three different ways to do this in just a few steps.

Why Should I Add A Download Link?

To start, you are going to make your visitor’s life much easier. Why is that? By adding a download link to your WordPress post, your visitors will be able to download images, videos, eBooks, PDF files, plugins, and all sorts of other media and documents you are uploading to your site.

This is a way of creating exclusive content for your site’s visitors and you are going to build your email list.

These downloads can also be used as a gift for your most valuable readers, and by doing so, you will upgrade your relationship and build up your brand.

Let’s start diving into learning as fast as possible how we can do that.

1. Using A Hyperlink As A Download Link

In a WordPress post, you can use a hyperlink as a download link.

Go to your WordPress dashboard and click on Posts > All Posts > Your Post (the post you want to add a download link to).

Start writing your anchor text in your post where you want to add the download link.

An anchor text represents the visible characters and words that hyperlinks display when linking to another document or location on the web.

Your anchor text can sound something like this.

(Click to enlarge)

As you can notice, everytime you select a piece of text or the anchor text like in our case, a list of options are displayed.

Next, you should be able to add the link, but the problem now is that we need to find the link to the downloadable file. How do we do that, you ask? Well, it is pretty easy, I am just going to show you how to add a file to your media library.

How Do I Add Files In Media Library

Go back to your WordPress dashboard and click on Media > Add New.

(Click to enlarge)

Once you are here, you can choose to either select files from your computer or simply drop them. No matter what you choose to use, your files are going to be uploaded to the WordPress media library.

Now, after you uploaded the needed content, head back to Media > Library. In your WordPress Media Library screen you are going to see all your uploaded files.

(Click to enlarge)

CLick on the file you uploaded, it will open and all other attachment details will appear, as well as the copy link option wich is the path of your file in the WordPress Media Library.

(Click to enlarge)

All that is left to do is to Copy the link, go back to your post where you had the anchor text, select the anchor text, click on Add Link and paste the content you copied from your WordPress Media Library.

(Click to enlarge)
(Click to enlarge)

FInally, update your post and you are done.

(Click to enlarge)

2. Creating A Download Link For A .PDF File

It’s pretty easy to add a download button to any file on WordPress, and I am going to show you exactly how.

File Block

Open your post and click on the “+” button called Toggle Block Inserter in your upper left side of your screen, that will open a window of common blocks.

(Click to enlarge)

Write in the search bar “file” to help you look for the file block, and click on it.

(Click to enlarge)

Once your new block is added, you can choose to either upload your file or add it from your Media Library if you have it uploaded it already.

(Click to enlarge)

Select the file and you will end up with something looking like this:

(Click to enlarge)

3. Adding A Download Button In WordPress

You can also use the block called “button” the same way we just used the “file” block.

I am going to write in short how you can do this to not have any kind problems.

So, go to the “+” button in the top left side of your screen, click on it and write in the field “buttons”. Once you find it, click on it to add our new block.

(Click to enlarge)

Now that we just inserted our button, we will have to give it a caption since it comes blank.

(Click to enlarge)

You can call it whatever you want, but remember, it has to have a relevant name.

(Click to enlarge)

If you are going to select the newly created button, the WordPress editor is going to give you a panel of options. There you will find the Add Link option. Paste there the link and you are all set. The button is now a download button for your file.

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