How To Add A Favicon To Your WordPress Blog

How To Add A Favicon To Your WordPress Blog

You are wondering how to add a favicon to your WordPress blog? Well, look no further, I am here to show you how you can do that in just a few easy steps.

First things first, what is actually a favicon? A favicon or a Site Icon represents that little image that sits next to your website’s title in the browser.

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Having a favicon will help visitors remember who you are and you will gain easier recognition just by having that little icon that may seem not important but in the grand scheme of all, it will make a significant difference.

So, as I was saying, it will bump up your brand recognition and it will also build trust among your visitors.

Another advantage of having a Site Icon or a Favicon is that user experience and site usability is increased. Try to think about this next scenario. In your browser, you have a tone of opened tabs and they become so close together that you can barely read what each tab is. So, how can you differentiate them from another? Yes, that’s right, by having a favicon. Having a favicon will help users to identify your site and switch to the tab they need.

One more important aspect that I want to tell you about is that whenever someone wants to add your website to their home screen on their phone, your Site Icon or Favicon will be displayed there.

How To Add A Favicon To Your WordPress Blog?

Adding a favicon can be easily done with the help of the WordPress Customizer.

Go to Appearance > Customize and select from there, the Site Identity category. Once you are here, you can upload a favicon image, just by clicking on the select file button.

How To Add A Favicon To Your WordPress Blog
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I want to mention that if you upload a bigger image than the recommended size, WordPress will allow you to crop it.

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