FAQ Pages

FAQ pages

FAQ is just an acronym for frequently asked questions. FAQ pages sole purpose is to summarize everything your clients need to know about your products and services. It’s basically a bunch of commonly asked questions all gathered in one place.

FAQs will help you to deal with specific questions that usually affect most of the clients that are using your company’s services.

The page of frequently asked questions is an important page that sometimes doesn’t get enough attention or gets tossed at the bottom.

1. Why Are FAQ Pages Important?

Clients and people in general, usually want information that it is easy to understand. It’s essential to help your visitors find everything they need to know as smoothly as possible. By creating a FAQ page, you are going to improve your user experience and you are going to make your visitors stay more on your website, and by doing this your conversion rate will also improve.

FAQ pages help establish clear call to actions. By answering your visitors specific questions you will have a lot more traffic.

Your FAQ page will guide your visitors to where they need to be. By doing so, your website is going to be more organised, easier to navigate through it and you will have better internal links which is great for SEO.

The FAQ page has important and relevant keywords that is also amazing for SEO.

You noticed that I keep saying that FAQ pages are great for SEO. Well, that are! Search engines love pages with good content, relevant keywords, links and information. Actually, FAQ pages usually show up first in the search results. If the answers to the frequently asked questions are short, concise and easy to understand, be sure Google will drive some traffic towards you.

2. How Do I Write A Good FAQ Page?

The most important aspect is to know your target audience. Do a proper keyword research before so you can have a proper list of questions that your visitors or clients might have.

Like I said earlier in this article, keep your answer as short as possible and as insightful as possible and display at hand a link to the products or services they are looking for.

Organise your questions into categories so your visitors will not have to go through walls of text to find the questions they need. The easier the information is displayed, the better is for the visitor or client.

One last advice would be to have long-tail keywords that your clients are searching for. You will have a better quality content and also it will boost you SEO.

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