Creating a static front page in WordPress

creating a static front page in WSordPress

There are two options on how your homepage can look like. One of them is a dynamic-blog-like front page and the other one is a static front page which is usually made to show customized content.

WordPress has by default the first option enabled and it is going to show you the most recent posts on the front page.

By having a static front page, your site will be presented in the best way possible. If you choose to have a defined layout you can add a lot of different facts about your business that will help customers in their decision.

How to make a static front page in WordPress?

You can easily create a static front page in WordPress. You can do so in two ways.

The fastest way is by going into your Customizer > Homepage Settings. Here, things are pretty simple, in order to create a static page you just have to create two new pages. One will be the homepage and the other one will be where your posts are going to be displayed. From here on, things are pretty intuitive once you have the two pages previously created. After you choose the correct pages for the homepage and posts page, don’t forget to hit the blue Publish button.

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The other way to create a static homepage has a little bit more work involved but it is just as simple as the one above.

Firstly you have to create a new page that you are going to use as homepage. Just go to Dashboard > Pages >Add New.

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You can choose it to name it homepage or name it as you wish but, remember, you are going to use it as your static homepage. Click the blue Publish button.

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Next step is to create another page that will be named Blog, again, you can name it as you wish but it is going to make it easier if you name it like this. The steps to follow are the same as I showed you previously, Dashboard > Pages >Add New .

Now that you have these 2 pages created, head over to Settings > Reading.

To continue, go to Your homepage displays and choose the option of a Static Page. From the drop down menu, set your homepage to the page you just created named Homepage, and the posts page to Blog.

Now, all you have to do is press the blue button to Save the changes and you are done.

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