How to change or remove the footer credits in the Twenty Twenty WordPress theme

Twenty Twenty theme

So you’ve decided on using the default Twenty Twenty WordPress theme on your website. That’s great! However, for your website to be truly yours and reflect your brand only (doesn’t matter if it’s a business website or a personal blog), you should probably remove or change the footer credits from your theme.

While this might seem like a task that’s hard to do, especially if you’re not familiar with code, you don’t have to worry as this tutorial aims at helping you change your footer credits as easily as possible.

Am I allowed to change the footer credits in the Twenty Twenty theme?

You sure are! In fact, you are allowed to change or remove the credits for any theme but for this tutorial, we’re going to talk only about the default Twenty Twenty theme.

What method are we going to use?

There are more ways of changing the footer credits but for a theme like Twenty Twenty, there’s only one method that’s safe from an SEO point of view and also is versatile enough for advanced customizations. This is why this article will teach you about using a child theme for this task. Don’t worry, we have a child theme prepared for you below.

Steps for changing the footer credits in Twenty Twenty

Follow these steps to change or remove the footer credits in the Twenty Twenty WordPress theme

  1. Download the child theme

    Grab the child theme from here and unzip it on your computer.

  2. Find the footer.php file

    In the twenty-twenty-child folder you got from unzipping, find the footer.php file and open it.

  3. Find the text and edit it

    For your convenience, I’ve edited the code a bit so it’s easier for you to configure. Find YOUR CREDITS HERE and replace it with your own credits. Save the file when you’re done.

  4. Rezip the whole folder

    Rezip the twenty-twenty-child folder (make sure it’s .zip, not .rar).

  5. Upload and activate the child theme

    From your WordPress admin area, go to Themes > Add New > Upload Theme and select your zip file, then install and activate the child theme.

Did you know? Our free Izo WordPress theme comes with a built-in option for changing the footer credits. Check it out here.